4930 Main Road, Huntington, VT 05462 – See map in the right sidebar –>
MUNICIPAL BUILDINGS ARE NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Call ahead for appointments (see phone numbers below). Information on doing business with the Town Clerk’s office is located on the page below.

FOR A LIST OF ALL UPCOMING MUNICIPAL MEETINGS with dates, times and remote access links click here.

HUNTINGTON ROADS ARE POSTED – Call 434-2710 to discuss exemptions. CAMELS HUMP RD IS CLOSED TO HIKERS; open for resident traffic only; no Camels Hump hiking access 3/15 – 5/15.

OUTDOOR BURNING – All fires over 30″ in diameter require a permit from the Fire Warden. Please check the daily PREDICTED FIRE DANGER for Huntington–even before lighting campfires.

CELEBRATE ARBOR DAY SCAVENGER HUNTS Beginning on April 12, with the New Moon and ending on May 2, join our community in a Forest and Tree Outdoor Scavenger Hunt (all ages) and/or a Children’s Book Scavenger Hunt (ages 3-10). The Huntington Public Library, Huntington Conservation Commission, Friends of the HPL and Four Winds Nature Institute are collaborating to bring awareness to all the gifts our trees and forests share with us everyday. Visit forests around your own and friends’ homes, the Birds of Vermont Museum, the Green Mountain Audubon and/or the Huntington Community Forest.

You will find details about what to search for on the Library’s website starting the week of April 12 huntingtonlibraryvt.org. If you wish to enjoy the Book Scavenger Hunt, let the Library know how many children in your family will be participating. Email  hpl@gmavt.net, or call and leave a message – 434-4583.  A book bag with activities and books will be put on the Books To Go Table for you. If you choose to participate in the Outdoor Scavenger Hunt, you will find the details on the Library website starting the week of April 12, as well as Hi Jenna,on the Library door. There are activities for families, young and middle school age children. And, for the prizes – one for each child participant will be available starting on the Full Pink Moon Day, April 26. There will also be a limited number of Basswood saplings, one per family, as long as the supply lasts, available on May 1 and May 2. Thank You, Trees!!!

GREEN-UP IS MAY 1 Check back here for details soon!

Registration is being done through the mail, due to the office being closed to the public during the pandemic. $19.50 for a spayed or neutered dog or $28.50 for a dog that is intact. Licenses are good through April 1, 2022. Residents can register their dogs by mailing in their checks and new rabies certificates, if appropriate. Here is a link for an application to fill out and mail in or drop off. There is a drop slot next to the front door. You can send an email or call for details about whether the current rabies certificate is on file here. Your tags and registration will be mailed back to you. Stop in another time with your dog – we love to have canine – and human – visitors when we are again open to the public.

The Town Clerk’s office is closed to the public. The front door, which is the entrance to the office,  is locked. You can contact Heidi Racht for appointments or more information at the office (434-2032), at her home (434-2690), or by email at huntingtonclerk@gmavt.net. Please click on this link for more information about how you can access services from this office during COVID.

We are working very hard to make the Huntington Town Clerk’s and Treasurer’s Office available to those who need access but we need your cooperation and understanding. First and foremost at this very unsettling time is the health, safety and well-being of each other with the ultimate goal of all getting through this together. Thanks very much!

The Huntington Public Library was closed to the public by the Board of Trustees on March 12, 2020. However, you can still take out books and access e-books and audiobooks at no cost through the ListenUp Vermont. Now is a great time for getting into a good book. Click here for details.

Click here for the link to the map of the NEW HUNTINGTON COMMUNITY FOREST. Enjoy your walk!

If you are unable to find your property tax bill mailed in July 2020, contact the Treasurer’s Office. Email  huntingtontreasurer@gmavt.net  for tax information, which can be return-emailed to you. Please provide name of property owner on April 1, 2020. You can also get a statement of taxes paid for 2020 to complete your Vermont taxes (after December 31, 2020).

9-1-1 SIGNS
The green reflective signs with your 9-1-1 address are available at the Huntington Town Clerk’s Office. The cost is $10 and they are made to order. The proceeds from the sale of these signs go directly to Huntington First Response/Fire Department.


School News

BREWSTER-PIERCE SCHOOL IS COLLECTING BOXTOPS FOR EDUCATION – When you purchase certain cereals, soup or other products at the local store, check the label. If there is a small emblem on the box top or on the side of the can, cut it out to give to the Partners in Education at Brewster-Pierce School. Each little emblem is worth ten cents when they are sent in (December and April). Drop off at the school or the Town Clerk’s Office. To read more about the program, click here for Box tops.