Board of Listers

The Board of Listers is responsible for the maintenance of the Town’s Grand List, which is a compilation of all property values in town. Duties include maintenance of names, addresses and lister cards on all properties. The Listers also aid Huntington’s contracted professional appraisal firm Vermont Appraisal Company by accompanying them on property visits and performing other supporting functions. The Listers are elected in March, Town Meeting Day.

The Division of Property Valuation & Review (PVR) of the Vermont Department of Taxes has determined that, for the year ending on 12/31/2017, Huntington’s Common Level of Appraisal (CLA) is 99.72% ,and the Coefficient of Dispersion (COD) is 4.67%.

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NEW LISTERS’ Office Hours:
Thursdays 9:00 AM – noon or by appointment.

Phone: 434-5783
Email: huntingtonlisters -at- gmavt -dot- net

Huntington Listers:

  • Susan Gulrajani (three-year term, 2024)

Note: Lister property cards are now available during open office hours from the Town Clerk.

Are You Appealing?

State Statute allows property owners to appeal their appraisal on an annual basis to the Board of Listers. This opportunity, called a Listers’ Grievance, enables property owners to get more detailed information about their property as well as to call attention to a detail that they feel may be incorrect in their appraisal. Generally, the Grievance Day is scheduled in May, although a letter may be submitted to the Listers at any point in the year to get notification of the date of the appeals. For details on your rights as a property owner, click the link below.

tax_appeal_handbook_2009 revision.pdf

Published by the Vermont Secretary of State’s Office.