Town Hall Committee

The Huntington Town Hall is a municipally owned meeting hall and performing arts space located in Huntington Center.

The Town Hall Committee is appointed by the Selectboard to ensure that the building is maintained, to manage use, and to plan for future renovations and upgrades.

Information about renting or using the Huntington Town Hall

The Town Hall Committee is seeking new members– reach out to an existing member, or contact the Town Administrator at for more information.

The Town Hall Committee meets under a Standardized Meeting Agenda:

1. Approval of previous minutes
2. Status of current renovation work and contracts
3. New & Upcoming Building Maintenance/Renovation
4. Building use & operation
5. Use and events update
6. Other business

Town Hall Committee Members :
  • Aaron Worthley – Chair (3-year term, expires 2025)
  • Terry Boyle (3-year term, expires 2027)
  • Linda Fickbohm (2-year term, expires 2027)
  • Rebecca Rosenthal (3-year, expires 2025)

Town Hall Documents