Cemetery Trustees

The Cemetery Trustees are responsible for maintaining the town’s three cemeteries: Maplewood Cemetery, Huntington Center Cemetery, and Hanksville Cemetery.

All three are conveniently located on the Main Road. Only Maplewood Cemetery is still active. In 2009, the third phase of a three-phase restoration was completed in Maplewood.

People wishing to purchase a cemetery lot or make arrangements for a burial or interment can contact Spencer Hill at 434-4223.

Meetings: Trustees meet as needed. Notices of meetings are posted in 3 places in Huntington at least 2 days prior to a meeting.

Huntington Cemetery Rules of Operation revised December 2018

Cemetery Trustees :
  • Troy Liberty (term expires 2024)
  • Rob Oliver (term expires 2026)
  • Terry Boyle (term expires 2025)
  • Heidi Racht (term expires 2027)
  • Paula Kelley (term expires 2023)

Committee Documents