Fire Department

The Huntington Fire Department (HFD) covers all Fire, Medical, HAZMAT, Backcountry and Heavy Rescue calls for the Town of Huntington, as well as mutual aid to other surrounding towns as needed.

Emergencies: 911
Office Phone: 434-4779 (for non-emergency calls)
Location: 4960 Main Road (Upper Village)
Fire Chief: Tate Jeffrey Email: huntingtonfd -at- gmavt -dot- net, 802-363-0389 (cell)

fire department

The Town of Huntington’s Volunteer Fire Department averages 18 active members. The members are all volunteers from within the town, who are very dedicated to serving the community in which they live as Firefighters and First Responder/EMTs.

The HFD responds to approximately 45 calls per year. The HFD has a First Response license with the State of Vermont which allows its medically-certified members to respond to medical emergencies and car accidents to treat patients while waiting for the responding ambulance.  The Town of Huntington does not have its own ambulance, which makes the Department’s first responders a very valuable asset to the community.

Meetings: The Fire Department meets at the Huntington Firehouse every Monday at 7:00 pm. Ladies Auxiliary meets as needed.

Any outside burning larger than 30″ diameter requires a Burning Permit from the Fire Warden: Ken Russin – (802) 434-2389

Fire Department & First Response Members :
  • Tate Jeffrey, Chief
  • Greg Guilmartin, Asst. Chief
  • Brian Valentine, Asst. Chief
  • Eliot Lothrop, Captain
  • Joshua L. Danco, Captain
  • Bert Dickerson, Lieutenant
  • Ben Roll, Lieutenant
  • Kris Tenney-Lawyer,  Head Engineer
  • Tom Keblin, Firefighter
  • Erik Genest, Firefighter
  • Keegan Carter, Firefighter
  • Miles Jenness, Firefighter
  • Stephen Boucher, Jr., Firefighter
  • Andrew McPhedran, Firefighter – Prob.
  • Justin Rich, Firefighter – Prob.
  • Knox Cummin, EMT
  • Henry R. Carse, EMT
  • Chuckie Lawyer,  Asst. Chief  – Retired
  • Mike Ramsey, Asst. Chief – Retired
  • Liz Greenberg,  EMT & SAR
  • Bob Burke, SAR

Ordinances & Documents

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