Community Forest Stewardship Committee

The Community Forest Stewardship Committee (CFSC) is appointed by the Selectboard to plan for and steward the Huntington Community Forest, a 245 parcel of land in Huntington Center. This committee works with Huntington community members and leaders, the County Forester, the Vermont Land Trust, and relevant experts in their fields to develop a set of guiding principles, goals, and objectives and to develop a Community Forest Stewardship Plan. The CFSC will function as the primary stewardship oversight body of the Community Forest, answering to the Selectboard, to conduct stewardship activities and updates to the Stewardship plan as necessary or required.

The Community Forest Stewardship Committee welcomes public comment or questions via email at

The Huntington Community Forest Stewardship Committee was established by the Selectboard on April 20, 2020.

For additional information about the Community Forest, visit the CFSC page at

The CFSC Meets monthly following a Standardized Agenda:

  • Public Comment-  (10 minutes)
  • Approval of prior minutes
  • Communications, Correspondence, Administrative Updates
  • Reports from committee members and working groups
  • Special topic discussions
  • Proposed work for the coming month
  • Other / new business

For helpful links and information, check the reports section:
• 2020 Huntington Community Forest Stewardship Committee Charter (approved by the Selectboard on April 20, 2020)

Community Forest Stewardship Committee Members :

6 year, staggered terms

  • Aaron Worthley, Chair (term expires 3/2026)
  • Dan Carhart, Vice-Chair (term expires 3/2026)
  • Eric Engstrom (term expires 3/2024)
  • Joe Negri (term expires 3/2029)
  • Joe Perella (term expires 3/2028)
  • Jeannette Segale (term expires 3/2028)
  • Tim Taft (term expires 3/2024)
  • Matt Brace (term expires 4/2030)

Community Forest Stewardship Committee Documents