Town Treasurer

The Town Treasurer’s Office maintains the books and bank accounts for the town in support of the General Fund, Reserve Funds, Special Revenue Funds, Bonds and Grants. Duties include the management of the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Cash Receipts and Payroll. As the appointed Tax Collector, the Treasurer is also charged with the collection of property taxes. Bonds and Loans are procured by the Treasurer as directed by the Selectboard.

For information on property tax due dates and rules for on-time payment see: 

Due Dates and Payment Details.pdf

Property Taxes - An Overview.pdf

We offer direct debit from your checking or savings account for payment of taxes. To sign up see: 

Direct Debit Tax Payment Form for Website.doc.pdf

Beginning with fiscal year 2011-2012, we are publishing an on-going folder Budget Status Reports for viewing by interested taxpayers and others. These reports show budgeted amounts and year-to-date expenditures applied toward them. It should be noted that at any given time the report may be missing incurred expenses to the town when invoices have not been received or have not yet been processed.

Town Treasurer: Andrea Ogilvie
Town Clerk: Heidi Racht
Assistant Clerk: Mary Keller-Butler

Office Hours: Mon: (8 am-7 pm), Tues-Thurs: (8 am-3 pm), Friday-closed (additional hours at tax time)
Address: 4930 Main Road – Huntington, VT 05462
Phone: (802) 434-2032