Conservation Commission

The Huntington Conservation Commission’s purpose is to educate the public regarding conservation issues, assist the Development Review Board, Planning Commission, and Selectboard in conservation matters, conduct studies and publish information on natural resources, and review proposals for Conservation Reserve Funds. A detailed description of the “Powers and Duties of Conservation Commissions” can be found in the Vermont Statutes listed below.


The Huntington Conservation Commission meets the 2nd Thursday of every month.
Time: 7 pm – 9 pm
Location: Huntington Public Library, Lower Village


Conservation Commission Members (all 4 year terms):
  • Jeannette Segale (co-chair, term expires 2021)
  • Barrett Grimm (co-chair, term expires 2020)
  • Jenna Koloski (term expires 2022)
  • Darlene Palola (term expires 2022)
  • Guthrie Smith (term expires 2020)
  • Charles Martin (term expires 2022)
  • Jennifer Esser (term expires 2023)
  • Micah Mutrux (clerk)
Conservation Commission News:

Click here to access Conservation Commission documents for the proposed Town Community Forest, December 2019.

Dragonflies & Damselflies of the Green Mt. Audubon Nature Center
Finding more species diversity than anticipated, Wally Jenkins has been studying the Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) in Huntington since 2008.

Click the following link to learn more about his findings:

Dragonflies and Damselflies_Audubon Survey.pdf

Click the following link to see a couple of his photographs:

Photographs_Odonata .pdf

Become a Salamander Crossing Guard Volunteer
To learn the details about what crossing guard volunteers do, how data is collected, and how to get involved in this important project to help ensure the long-term survival of vernal pool breeding amphibians, click the following link:

Amphibian Rack Card Final 2017.pdf

To learn more about salamander crossings and amphibian monitoring, including species identification and other tips, check out the following websites:

North Branch Nature Center
Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center

For information on all the reptiles and amphibians in the State of Vermont, check out the “Herp Atlas”.

Huntington Conservation Fund

 Brief History of the Conservation Fund

To learn more about the Huntington Conservation Fund:


Huntington Conservation Fund Documents and Research Links:

2018 Conservation Fund Application from the Conservation Commission for a $8,608 Cobb Brook Watershed Reclassification Project

2017 Conservation Fund Application from Friends of Gillett Pond:

Gillett Pond_HCC Recommendation for FOGP Conservation Funds.pdf

2017 Conservation Fund Application for Improvements for the Town Hall (March 1, 2017):

Town Hall Conservation Fund App-Mar2017-Final.pdf

Click here for: ¬†Criteria for Use of Huntington’s Conservation Fund

Click here for: Conservation Fund Application Process

Click here for: Conservation Fund Application Form:

Conservation Fund Application Form.pdf

Conservation Commission Documents and Research

External Links:

Birds of Vermont Museum
Green Mountain Audubon Society
Huntington Historical and Community Trust
Huntington River Water Quality
Keeping Track