Fire Warden

The position is currently vacant. An appointment will be made soon.

Today’s predicted fire danger for Huntington.
Campfires 30″ or less in diameter do not need a burn permit, but for all other outdoor fires (other than 30″ or less campfires) you must first have a permit from the Fire Warden. Regardless of the danger level, you should always have a source of water handy for all outdoor fires, including campfires.


In accordance with Vermont State Statute, Forest Fire Wardens are appointed by the Commissioner of Forests, Parks and Recreation, and approved by the Selectboard. They serve for a term of five (5) years, with an unlimited number of reappointments possible subject to approval by the Commissioner or designee (per 10 V.S.A. Chapter 83 §2641).

Campfires & Brush Burning – Permits Required

A common question is whether or not a permit is needed for backyard campfires or the burning of brush—and the answer is YES. Permits are issued by the Fire Warden – and can be issued over the phone. Please note that the burning of garbage is against the law.

Temporary Bans on Outdoor Burning

When extremely dry weather poses a severe fire hazard, the Fire Warden may issue temporary bans on outdoor burning. These bans are issued only when necessary to protect everyone’s safety.


The full ordinance (titled Civil Ordinance Regulating the Burning and Disposal of Solid Wastes) was adopted by the Town of Huntington in October 2001 is available below.

Ordinances & Documents

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