Olga Hallock Awards

Recipients of the Olga Hallock Award for Community Service
Created by the Huntington Selectboard, 1999
Presented at Town Meeting

1999: Terry Moultroup
Selectman 1992-1999; Selectboard Chair 1998-1999

2000: Grant W. Lewis, Sr.
Fire Chief 1964-1990, Cemetery Trustee 1971-1991, Selectman 1979-81 and 1988-2000

2001: Heidi Racht
Auditor; Justice of the Peace; Cemetery and Library Trustee
BPMS Director 6 years; Editor, Times Ink; Boy Scout Committee
Coordinator Youth Soccer; Holiday Food Boxes

2002: Terry & Linda Pecor
Proprietors, Beaudry’s Store for 20+ years, Donations of time, food, supplies and spirit

2003: Nellie H. Jaques
Town Treasurer 1952-1965 and 1969-1979, Assistant Town Clerk 1959-1964, Auditor 1967

2004: No recipient

2005: Becky Cozzens
Brewster-Pierce teacher and community volunteer for 34 years, Huntington Baptist Church
Board of Directors, Birds of Vermont Museum; Cub Scouts; and more

2006: Charlie & Betty Lawyer – A Team
Charlie: Fire Department 50+ years
Betty: Founding member of Richmond Rescue/First Response
Huntington Harvest Supper and Hunters Breakfast

2007: Mary Dobson
Tireless advocate for the Huntington Public Library
Huntington resident for 29 years; Library volunteer for 15 years
Library Trustee for 10 years; Chair, Friends of the Library

2008: Terrance J. Boyle
Planning Commission for 15 Years; Cemetery Board of Directors 1999-
Landscape designer & community volunteer: Library, Cemetery, Town Office,
Town Hall, Commuter Parking Lot, and Town Green; Member, Ancient Roads Committee

2009: Hilton & Lorraine Jones
Visionaries for the Union Meeting House; Founders, Huntington Historical Society
Maplewood Cemetery; Huntington Baptist Church

2010: Helen Phillips
Town Auditor 1949-1990
Huntington resident and community volunteer since 1948

2011: Donna Lewis
Community Volunteer since 1968
Richmond Rescue; Huntington First Response; Town Auditor; Justice of the Peace; and more

2012: Alison Forest
Huntington School Cook since 1987, Tireless advocate for local, good food
Community volunteer since 1985

2013: Andy & Onnie Palmer
Huntington volunteers for over 30 Years
Union Meeting House renovation, addition and bell tower
Recreation Field & Pavilion; and many other projects

2014: Robert N (Bob) Spear, Jr.
Naturalist, teacher, carver of birds for over 75 years
Founder, Vermont Audubon 1962; Director 1971-1978
Founder, Birds of Vermont Museum 1987

2015: Chuck & Joya Lawyer
Huntington Volunteer Fire Department
Chuck: 40+ years
Joya: 30+ years, support volunteer

2016: Sandy Heyman
Brewster-Pierce School Custodian since 1993
20-plus years managing and caring for our local school building
Community volunteer and good neighbor
Holiday Food Boxes; Emergency Management Committee; Cub Scouts

2017: Mike Ramsey
Huntington Fire Department for 25 years, Assistant Fire Chief for 14 years
Head of EMS/First Response for 3 years

2018: Clinton ‘Yogi’ Alger
Town of Huntington Road Foreman since 1996, 20-plus years managing our roads and caring for our residents, Assisting with Senior Meals, Responding to Emergency Calls

2019: Joan Sargeant
Huntington School Board, MMU School Board, Lister
Over 50 years kind and generous community contribution

2020: Debbie Worthley
Advocate for Elder Services, Huntington Green • HERO • Community Senior Center Board
Brewster-Pierce School Board  6 years • Parent Volunteer Library Volunteer  &  Gardener

2021: Spencer & Lucinda Hill
Lucinda: Town Auditor 2005-2019, Annual Holiday Boxes 2006-2019
Huntington Fire District #1 Treasurer 14 years
Spencer: Maplewood Cemetery Manager, Meals on Wheels Volunteer
Huntington Fire Department & Emergency Committee

2022: Markley Smith
Over 50 years of volunteer service
Original member Planning Commission & Zoning Board 1960s
Selectboard, School Board, Town Hall Committee, Planning Commission, DRB
Fuller House Grant Committee, Huntington Valley Arts

2023: Joseph Spence
25 years Huntington Zoning Board of Adjustment
Planning Commission, Little League Coach
Recreation Committee / Creation of Town Rec Field