The Huntington Selectboard is made up of five elected members. The board is the central point of Huntington’s local town government and is responsible for the general supervision of the town’s affairs. The Selectboard as a whole acts as the official legal representative and legislative body for the town.

The Selectboard  performs three main functions:

  1. To enact town ordinances, regulations, and policies;
  2. To prepare and present a town budget and tax rate for the town, as well as oversee all town expenditures, supervision of personnel and town property;
  3. Additional responsibilities include: appointing members of various town committees, approving driveway permits, and assisting with elections and property tax appeals.

To contact the Selectboard: email the Town Administrator at: or call 802.434.4779

Spring 2023 Meeting Schedule
March 20th – 7 pm
April 3rd – 7 pm and 17th – 7 pm
May 1st – 7 pm and 15th – 7 pm

Selectboard Members :
  • Dori Barton -Chair (3 year term, expires 2023)
  • Landel Cochran – Vice Chair (three-year term, expires 2024)
  • Larry Haskins Jr (2 year term, expires 2023)
  • Roman Livak (3 year term, expires 2025)
  • Everett Lewis Jr  (2 year term, expires 2024)

Selectboard Documents