Lower Village Scoping Project

The purpose of the Lower Village Bike/Ped Scoping Study is to identify potential bicycle and pedestrian improvement strategies for Huntington’s Lower Village to help improve transportation options and public safety. The combination of increased vehicle traffic and increased pedestrian and bicycle activity means the potential for dangerous conflict is growing. Implementation of recommendations from this study should alleviate these conditions.

An Advisory Committee will be working with the Chittenden Regional Planning Commission and DuBois & King to hold public hearings to gather input and review recommendations prior presenting a final report to the Selectboard for their consideration.

For more information on this – or on the study, please contact Town Administrator Barbara Elliott townhunt -at- gmavt -dot- net / 434-4779.


Meetings will be held as needed.


To be determined.

Reports and Research

Ad-Hoc Lower Village Transportation / Traffic Calming Committee:

  • Helen Keith (Co-Chair)
  • Dean Grover (Co-Chair)
  • Duncan Keir
  • Roman Livak
  • Linda Pecor
  • Lorri Richland
  • Bill Rogers
  • Debbie Worthley
  • Barbara Elliott (Town Administrator/Staff)

Original / Initial Lower Village Scoping Study Team Members:

  • Jeanine Carr – Lower Village Resident
  • Knox Cummin – Former Planning Commission Chair
  • Lucy Gibson – DuBois & King, Project Consultant
  • Peter Keating – CCRPC Senior Transportation Planner
  • Roman Livak – Selectboard Member
  • Mark Smith – Planning Commission Member
  • Nancy Stoddard – Selectboard Member
  • Aaron Worthley – Resident
  • Deborah Worthley – Lower Village Resident