Huntington Cemeteries

Huntington has three cemeteries

  • Maplewood Cemetery, Main Road, Huntington Lower Village
  • Huntington Center Cemetery, Main Road, Huntington Center
  • Hanksville Cemetery, Main Road, Hanksville (south end of Town)

The town’s three cemeteries are conveniently located on the Main Road. The cemeteries are open to the public May 15 to November 2, weather depending, and dawn to dusk on open day.

All work in the cemetery needs to be scheduled, and paperwork filed with the town, before any arrangements for services or work can be started. People wishing to purchase a cemetery lot or make arrangements for a burial or interment in Maplewood Cemetery should contact Stacey Symanowicz at 802-373-0670.

Huntington Cemetery Rules of Operation revised December 2018

Huntington Cemetery Trustees

Cemetery Locations
Searchable Map of Maplewood Cemetery