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Hours: Monday (8 am – 7 pm), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (8 am – 3 pm), Friday or other times by appointment
NEW Lister’s Office Hours: Thursday (9 am – noon) or by appointment (call 802-434-5783).

Town News

For Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/8024344779
For Phone: Dial 646-558-8685 (this is not toll free); Meeting ID: 802 434 4779
Check back soon for the Quick Guide to Selectboard Remote meetings. This meeting will not be held in a physical location. It will be recorded and available on the Town website by 4/11.

May 30 is the new date. Watch for details.

Temporary Order: No Outdoor Burning
Effective March 28, Huntington’s Fire Warden, Ken Russin, has issued a ban on all outdoor burning until further notice. Ken can be reached at 434-2389.


As voted by the Huntington Selectboard on Tuesday, March 17, 2020:  All Huntington municipal buildings are closed to the public until further notice. Any exceptions, including access to the Town Clerk’s office, shall be by prior appointment only, with special precautionary measures as determined by the Town’s Emergency Management Coordinator. Municipal business is to be conducted by telephone, email, mail, or drop box even when employees and Town Officials are present in the building. There will be no additional fees added for business conducted via email, telephone, fax, drop box, or postal mail over what is charged if a person were to conduct the business in person at the Town Office.

  • Selectboard meetings will be limited to essential business only, and information will be provided to the public on how to participate remotely.
  • DRB meetings will be limited to essential business only, hearings will be rescheduled if at all possible, and information will be provided to the public on how to participate remotely.
  • All other non-essential in-person meetings of Town boards, committees, and commissions are cancelled until further notice.
  • The deadline for registering dogs has been extended until May 1, 2020.

The Selectboard will reevaluate precautionary measures on Monday, April 6, 2020, and reserves the right to revise these restrictions as necessary. Updates will be posted on the Town website.

The Town Clerk’s Office is not open to the public. The front door is locked. You can contact me at the office (434-2032) or at home (434-2690) or by email: huntingtonclerk@gmavt.net. I am in the phone book.

DOGS: The April 1 date for on-time registration has been moved out to May 1. So, you will owe $13 for a spayed or neutered dog or $19 for an intact dog and no late fee will be assessed after April 1, while we are closed. Residents who wish to register their dogs can mail in their checks and new rabies certificates, if appropriate. There is a drop slot next to the front door. You can send an email or call for details about whether the current rabies certificate is on file here. We will mail your tags back to you. Stop in another time with your dog – we love to have canine – and human – visitors.

RABIES CLINIC: Postponed to a later date, to be determined.

Many of the application documents you need to do business with this office are located on this website. If you cannot find them easily, call the office and they can be emailed to you.

MARRIAGE LICENSES: You can find the application form online and email it to the Town Clerk. As is my usual practice, I will send you a proof. We will need to talk.

BIRTH AND DEATH CERTIFICATES: Certified vital records can be ordered by downloading the form: You can find the application form online and email it to the me. It remains $10 for the certified copy, which is set by statute. We will talk about how I will get this to you.

CAR REGISTRATION RENEWALS: The DMV has extended, by 90 days, registration renewals and other paperwork.  You can do this online or in the mail. You don’t need to make an appointment to come into the office while we are closed.

TAX INFORMATION: If you are unable to find your property tax bill mailed in July, contact the Treasurer’s Office. Email:  huntingtontreasurer@gmavt.net  for tax information, which can be return-emailed to you. Please provide name of property owner on April 1, 2019. You can also get a statement of taxes paid for 2019.

TAX PAYMENTS: The deadline for the Fourth Quarter Tax Payment is Friday, May 15, 2020. You are welcome to send in a check or money order. If you are unsure of the amount, please call the office.

NOTARY PUBLIC: Call me for an appointment.

VOTER REGISTRATION: Voter registration can be done online at http://olvr.sec.state.vt.us

Until further dictum from the governor, the office is not open for research. We will all be the first to know when this changes. In the meantime, I will do my best to assist you.

1. Available,  by request,  indices of Grantors and Grantees from 2004 to March 5, 2020. Each document is in PDF form and is 459 pages. I have already sent these via email to attorneys and other professionals, who are on my list. These documents can be emailed at no cost. You might want to consider saving us all some time by being on the email list since you will get notice of closures and other relevant office news.
2. Any land records requests will require book and page. The documents can be emailed, along with an invoice. I WILL NOT conduct research for anyone regardless of the current situation as we do not carry Title Insurance and could be held liable should incorrect documentation be mistakenly sent.  $1 per page, usual rate.
3. A scan of the Recording Log, after March 4, 2020 will be made at the end of each day someone is in the office and will be available to researchers wishing to do title updates. This document can be emailed. No cost for the updates.
4. The Town Clerk’s Office has  Listers’ Cards, which can be emailed to you. Listers Cards are $1 per page, and this is the regular rate.
5. As part of the research, the Town Clerk can also email you a copy of a tax bill with the other documents.

We are working very hard to make the Huntington Town Clerk’s and Treasurer’s Office available to those who need access but we need your cooperation and understanding.

First and foremost at this very unsettling time is the health, safety and well-being of each other with the ultimate goal of all getting through this together. Thanks very much!

The Huntington Public Library was closed to the public by the Board of Trustees on March 12. However, you can still take out books and access e-books and audiobooks at no cost through the ListenUp Vermont. Now is a great time for getting into a good book. Click here for details.

The Pancake Breakfast scheduled for March 21 has been postponed to Green-Up Day, May 2. Since the scouts do both events, it is a great opportunity to get breakfast on your way to picking up your bags or dropping off collected trash and recyclable. Watch for details.

Please keep in mind social distancing and follow the Vermont Health Department’s recommended safety protocols: https://www.healthvermont.gov And, please stay home, if you have any of the symptoms.

Effective March 9, 2020, all senior programs & activities sponsored by the Community Senior Center of Richmond, Huntington & Bolton have been suspended—including all those that are held in Huntington.


  • Please visit www.healthvermont.gov for Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates and recommended precautionary measures.

Here are the results from Huntington’s Town Meeting and March 3 elections. Click here.
Here are the minutes in outline form. Click here. Detailed minutes to come later.
Click here to read the information sheet, reports and other documents regarding the proposed Town Community Forest.

Fun information: All dogs registered in January were  entered in the January Lucky Dip for a free license in 2021. The lucky winner of the January 2020 Lucky Dip is #10 (Fran Reed – Torry, her golden boy). The January/February Lucky Dip winner is #43 (Yasmine Ziesler – Souter, a big black lab) and Town Meeting Day Lucky Dip winner is #132 (Jim and Kathy Couture – beautiful blond Shelby). Free 2021 licenses for them!

The lucky winners of the 2019 January Lucky Dip are License #1 (Heidi Racht – Annie, the sweet white dog mix) and License #3 (Kathleen & Dave Clark – JD, the old – 16! -red dog); January/February Lucky Dip is License #58 (Jim and Patty Baumann – golden Banks) and Town Meeting Luck Dip License #215 (Michael Pendriss – black Chaos). Free 2020 licenses for them!

3 alternative plans to redesign Lower Village traffic flow were presented on 9/9 to the public. Over 30 residents attended, offering input on proposed changes. Click here for the presentation & detailed maps. Larger maps are on display in the Town Office basement.

9-1-1 SIGNS
The green reflective signs with your 9-1-1 address are available at the Huntington Town Clerk’s Office. The cost is $10 and they are made to order. The proceeds from the sale of these signs go directly to Huntington First Response/Fire Department.

You must get a permit from Huntington’s Fire Warden before having an outdoor fire, including burning brush or backyard campfires. Permits are issued over the phone by calling Ken @ 434-2389 or page him at 350-7818 and leave a call-back number. For more information click here.

Our emergency shelter at the Church in Huntington Center is available if you need access to clean water, showers, heat, cooking facilities, etc. If the church is locked & the lights are off, call Barbara at 434-5754 or page 350-6710 and we will be happy to meet you there!

Huntington Public Library is open on Sundays, noon to 5 pm, as well as four other days.  In addition to a wide selection of books of all genres, the Library has wifi access and public computer terminals. Huntington participates in the Home Card program, which enables Huntington and Buels Gore residents to borrow books from participating local libraries (sorry, not Fletcher Free in Burlington). Cardholders can access a variety of online educational resources and also request books through interlibrary loan. It is located in the Union Meeting House in the Lower Village. Click here for the HPL website.

School News

BREWSTER-PIERCE SCHOOL IS COLLECTING BOXTOPS FOR EDUCATION – When you purchase certain cereals, soup or other products at the local store, check the label. If there is a small emblem on the box top or on the side of the can, cut it out to give to the Partners in Education at Brewster-Pierce School. Each little emblem is worth ten cents when they are sent in (December and April). Drop off at the school or the Town Clerk’s Office. To read more about the program, click here for Box tops.