Development Review Board (DRB)

The Huntington Development Review Board (DRB) is a quasi-judicial, citizen volunteer board made up of 5 members and 2 alternates.

The DRB hears project proposal projects for:

  • subdivision review
  • conditional use review
  • site plan review
  • request for variance and waiver relief
  • zoning appeal of a decision by the Zoning Administrative Officer

Applications for the DRB are due the first (1st) Wednesday of every month by  noon to be potentially eligible for the following month’s DRB meeting.

All applications, to be considered for DRB review, shall have a preapplication discussion with the Zoning Administrative Officer to ensure completeness and clarity of application material required.

If DRB applications, upon timely submittal are deemed incomplete, the Zoning Administrative Office will make a good faith effort to contact the applicant of record to inform what materials are required to complete the application. If an application is not deemed complete by noon of the second (2nd) Wednesday of the month prior to the scheduled DRB meeting, the application will not be placed on an agenda for the following month.

Warning Notices will be posted on the fourth (4th) Wednesday of the month.

Agendas and application materials placed on the Town’s website will be posted the week before the next scheduled DRB Meeting. Agendas and notices are posted at the Town Office, Beaudry’s Store and the Huntington Public Library. They will also appear on Front Porch Forum.

The DRB’s hearing process authorizes it to attach requirements, conditions, and/or reviews to actions on applications presented to carry out the intent and purposes of the Huntington Land Use Regulations, and the Huntington Town Plan

Development Review Board Members :

1 position is HPC liaison with 1 yr term – others are 3 year terms

  • Jeanine Carr – Alternate (3-year term ending March 2025)
  • Open Position – ending March 2024, remainder of 3-year term
  • Adam Miller (3-year term ending March 2026)
  • Krystn Perretine (3-year term ending March 2024)
  • Jenn Randall – Alternate (1-year term ending 2025)
  • Chris Reichwein (3-year term ending 2026)
  • Susan Gulrajani (1-yr remaining of 3-yr term ending March 2025)
  • Heidi Racht (clerk)

DRB Documents

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