Zoning Administrative Officer

Huntington Zoning Administrative Officer
Office hours: By appointment
email: huntingtonzoning@gmavt.net
phone: 434-3557

A Zoning Permit (formerly known as a Building Permit) is required for any new or expanded structure, land development, or change in use in Huntington, including home occupations. The Zoning Administrator–or Zoning Administrative Officer–issues zoning permits, answers general zoning questions, and assists permit applicants prepare zoning applications. Click here for the Zoning Permit application.

Please note that the Administrative Officer (Zoning Administrator) has 30 days to act on the completed application. Completed includes application, back-up information if requested and payment to the Town of Huntington. Any application that does not include payment is considered to be incomplete.

A Subdivision Application must be submitted before subdividing your property. This application is reviewed by the Development Review Board (DRB). A Minor Subdivision is a single division, creating two separate lots. A Major Subdivision is three lots or more. All paperwork must be submitted before a hearing with the DRB is scheduled.


  • Applications for the Town of Huntington’s Development Review Board (DRB) are due the second (1st) Wednesday of every month by 12 noon for the following month’s DRB meeting, no exceptions.
  • All applications, to be considered for DRB review, shall have a pre-application discussion with the Zoning Administrator to ensure clarity of application material required, no exceptions.
  • If DRB applications, upon timely submittal are deemed incomplete, the Zoning Office will make a good faith effort to contact the applicant of record to inform what materials are required to complete the application. If the application is not deemed complete by 12 noon of the third (3rd) Wednesday of the month prior to the scheduled DRB meeting, the application will not be placed on an agenda.
  • Warning Notices will be posted on the third (3rd) Wednesday of the month.
  • Agendas and application materials to be placed on the Town’s website will be posted the Wednesday before the next scheduled DRB Meeting. Agendas and notices to be placed at the Town Office, Beaudry’s Store and the Huntington Public Library.

Minor Subdivision Application
Major Subdivision Application

If you have any questions about projects for your property, you are encouraged to talk with the ZAO early in the planning process.